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Petsitting Services

A Pet's Pal Pet Care

Anne Huston - Owner
est. 2004
Office - 859-226-9447
Cell - 859-539-1703
P.O. Box 22351 Lexington, Ky 40522
I look forward to becoming a TRUSTED PAL to you and your pets! All pets welcome; furry, finned, feathered or scaled! See the world from your pet's point of view; then you will know why they prefer A Pet's Pal Pet Care.

Have you ever had to turn down a fabulous weekend get away or a dream vacation, because the idea of caging your baby would ruin your good time? Do you feel bad when your dog is at home alone, while you're at work all day? How many times have you come home from work late, too tired to take your dog on a walk? Everyone has a friend or family member that they can call, to check on their pets. But, in this hectic world we live in, it can be an inconvenience. This is what I do. I thoroughly enjoy providing this service.

So call me if you are:

I'll be there for you! I provide service on a daily, regular or occasional basis.

All the following services are covered in the FLAT fee for a standard 30 minute visit, or a 15 minute quick visit:



food & water

brushed or combed

daily notes & check list

administer all medicines

play & exercise

poop scoop yard

litter scooped

accident clean up




lights & blinds

mail & packages


water plants inside & out

tv & radio

refill bird feeders

3 P's of Pet Sitting: Pets...Peace of Mind...Property

Benefits for your Pet

Your pet will stay in familiar surroundings, and with other familiar pets.

Your pet will experience the same smells and sounds they are used to.

Your pet will not be exposed to other pets carrying diseases or parasites.

Your pet will receive individual attention and love from me.

Your pet will have a play period with their favorite toys and daily activities.

Your pet will have less disruption to their regular potty schedule, than if they were boarded.

Your pet will eat the same food and treats, receive their meals at their regular times, and sleep in their own bedding.

Your pet will not require vaccination against Bordetella. (kennel cough)

Benefits for your Peace of Mind

You will not have to transport your pet to & from the kennel.

You will not have to inconvenience your family, friends, or neighbors to care for your pet.

You will be able to put your worries aside and enjoy your vacation, or concentrate on your work.

You will be assured of quality care.

You will be greeted by your pet at your front door when you arrive home.

I provide you with a pet sitting check list and daily diary upon your return. You can call me anytime while you are gone for updates.

Benefits for your Property

I will perform extra crime-deterrent measures and house sitting tasks FREE of charge.


  • Licensed, bonded, insured
  • References available
  • In business since 2004
  • Locally owned and operated - sole proprietor assures personal service
  • Mid-day potty breaks
  • In your home pet sitting visits
  • Early morning or late afternoon dog walks
  • Member of Pet Sitter's International
  • Household incidentals included in visits; crime deterrent
  • Administer all medications and special diets
  • Free, no obligation Meet & Greet with you & your pet
  • Pet Taxi available
  • Compassionate care for pets
  • Respect for home environment
  • Reliable & dependable
  • Honest & caring
  • Available 24/7 365 days a year
  • 20% Discount on your next invoice for each referral
  • 10% Discount to AAA members
  • 15% Discount to fire fighters, police officers, and veterns
  • Daily diary & pet sitting check list filled out at each visit
  • Red Cross Certified: Pet First Aid for Cats & Dogs


I will treat every pet as if it is my own.

Dependability is of the utmost importance.

Honesty & trustworthiness is expected by my clients.

My client's home & property will always be respected & protected to the best of my ability.

I will always keep my promises & fulfill my commitments.

I do not answer your phone. If you need to contact me please call my cell & the office number.

When your key is in my possession, it will never be labeled with your address. Keys & keypad codes will be kept secure.

Your privacy will always be highly respected. Areas within your home that do not contain pet or cleaning supplies are none of my concern and will always be treated accordingly.

On daily visits, your home will always be as you left it, unless I am directed otherwise. If I have reason to believe that something is not as it should be, I will try to contact you to discuss it. For example, if your door was unlocked, I would assume that it should have been locked and I will lock it upon leaving, but I will call and let you know.

I commit to being at your home within 1 hour of the requested time for my visit. Although I make every effort to be on time, the nature of my business often requires me to perform duties that were not anticipated - clean up, vet visit, etc.

I will always clean up after your pets to the best of my ability. I do what I do because I love animals. I would never leave a mess behind after one of my visits.

I do not engage in physical correction for negative behavior. In other words, I do not hit animals.


I feel that I have been called to be responsible for the care of God's Creatures. It is a true commitment on my part to see that all animals I have been allowed to care for are loved, touched, spoken to, comforted & held, as well as their health continually monitored.

I will do my very best to always perform my duties in the manner requested by the client.

I feel that I have been given an opportunity to educate the world that animals are wonderful gifts & blessings, that should be treated with respect, dignity, and lavished with love.  I know that you have put me in control of the most important things in your lives, your pets & your home. The above commitments are made with the utmost seriousness & NEVER taken lightly. I APPRECIATE YOUR CONFIDENCE IN ME & WILL DO EVERYTHING IN MY POWER TO KEEP MY PROMISES TO YOU!!!


I am the proud mama of seven beautiful babies. Little Mac is a female, feline born in '95. Molly is a feline born in '05. Benjamin is a male feline born in '07, he's into everything. Little Mac, and Molly want to know when he is leaving. In '08 we found 2 more stray, male felines. Our vet thinks Socks was born in '05 and Sammy in '06. Socks is very timid, but Sammy wants constant attention.

Jake is a male German Shepherd mix. Born in '97, he is a mama's boy. Hunny-bunny is a male Terrier mix also born in '97, but we adopted him when he was a year old. He is Mr. Mischief...BAD. You can't help but love him.

I am a native of Lexington. I've been in the workforce since 1971. I've owned dogs and cats since childhood. I am a sucker for animals and want to take in every stray I come across. Since I can't do that, I'd like the opportunity to love your furry babies the same way I do my own.

I'll go above and beyond for your pets. Pets are more than just animals to me. They are family members and friends that love us unconditionally. I am dedicating the rest of my life to ensuring pets' comfort and well being. Providing them with love and companionship is greatly rewarding and I absolutely love what I do. They might be furry, finned, feathered or scaled, but they are still our kids! This is my attitude towards my babies. It will be my attitude towards yours as well.


House Keys:

Holding Key - No Charge

Key Pick Up - $5.00
Key Drop Off - $5.00 

Key Mailing - Price of Postage

Locksmith - Price of Service

General Charges:

Meet & Greet - No Charge

Standard Visit - $17.00 
30 minutes 

Mid-Day Potty Breaks 15 minutes $14.00
Exercise, love and play, making sure they go to the bathroom. No off leash walking. Add or cancel as you need. No penalty for last minute scheduling or cancellations. 

Guidelines for Payment of Daily Service:
A running invoice is kept by me throughout the month. This way you can schedule or cancel spur of the moment or in advance. The invoice is presented to you on the next to the last day of the month. Payment is due on the last day of the month. If that falls on a day not scheduled, then it is due on the last scheduled day of that month.

Quick Visit - $14.00 per visit 15 minutes

Additional Time - $10.00
additional time above a Standard Visit is in 30 minute increments

Gas and Mileage fees - Not Applicable

Last Minute Scheduling, Changes in Assignment and Cancellations:
I don't have a penalty fee policy on these situations. I want to be flexible and available at a moment's notice for you and your babies. I prefer to do it this way so the babies will be taken care of no matter what.

Medical Needs:

There is NO CHARGE for administering any type of medication.

Holiday Surcharge - $5.00 Per Visit on the Following Holidays:
New Years Eve - New Years Day - Memorial Day - Independence Day - Labor Day - Thanksgiving Day - Christmas Eve - Christmas Day
Only Quick Visits are scheduled Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Thanksgiving Day.

Specialty Services:

Pet Taxi - $30.00 (round trip), $20.00  (1-way)

To groomer, veterinarian, kennel or doggie day care.

Supply Run - $20.00
plus the total of the receipt(s).

Reptiles, Small Caged Animals, Birds, Fish
Standard Visit - $14.00
15 minutes.

Plant Care:

Included in Flat Fee for Standard Visit
At Pet's Pal Pet Care I will gladly help you with light plant and yard watering. I can not take responsibility for the survival of your lawn and plants. My specialty is pet care. If you have extensive plant care it would be best if you hire a separate lawn & plant care service.


Trip Assignments:

Full Payment is required PRIOR to service. I ask that you leave a check for the full amount of the assignment on the counter, for me to pick up at the first visit. Please no post-dated checks.

Monthly Billing for Daily Visits:

The invoice will be presented on the next to last day of the month and payment is due on the last day of the month. Since I'll be picking up the checks on my visits, obviously the amount is due on the last scheduled visit of that month.

Contacting Me:

I understand that you must be able to reach me at any time. The office number is 859-226-9447. My cell phone is 859-539-1703. These numbers have recorders on them with unlimited time for messages. They are checked at least every couple of hours during the day 7am - 11pm.(The cell # is checked 24/7.)

I will record your preferred time for a visit, and will do my best to arrive at that time; however, I can not guarantee a specific time of arrival at your home. I ask for a two-hour block of time for arriving to each clients home. This constraint allows for the care of unavoidable and unpredictable circumstances that may arise at another client's house and/or difficulty in travel.

Pet Sitting Duties With Others, or Visiting Your Home While Others Have Access:
I provide you, my clients, with the security of knowing that A Pet's Pal Pet Care is bonded and insured. This enables me to take responsibility for your home and pets. BUT... any third party entering your home breaches this security making it impossible to know where the liability falls, if an animal is cared for improperly, doors are left unlocked or items are broken or missing. A Pet's Pal's liability is NOT VALID if anyone has access to your home during the contracted time frame. If you choose to leave the door unlocked, or key hidden on property in order for me to gain access, my liability is also VOID.

Household & Pet Supplies:

Please have all the cleaning supplies you normally use for your pet messes. Also, be sure there is enough food, treats, medicines, litter and any special supplies for exotics. Please have collars, leashes and halters visible. Also have plastic bags for poop pick up & a litter scooper available.

Emergency Contacts:
How can I reach you while you're gone? This information was gathered during our initial meet & greet. Has anything changed? Make certain I have any changes before you leave. Leaving this information for me in the house for a pick up on first visit is useless, if I can't gain access to the house for some reason. Pet's Pal may have to order a locksmith to gain access, leaving the client responsible for the bill.

No Doggie Door:

If you have an elderly dog or puppy, chances are they can not wait 8 to 12 hours for a potty break. If you do not have a doggie door installed in your home we strongly recommend THREE visits a day. If you decline three visits a day, and I find your pet is having difficulty, I will clean up all the messes, BUT I will not be responsible for lasting damage or odor. IN ADDITION, if you do schedule three to four visits a day, BUT your pet chooses to ACT OUT, (defecating or urinating in protest) I will of course clean up the messes, but can not be held responsible for this behavior.

Weather Restrictions:
If your pet is housed outside 24 hours a day (WHICH I'M VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED TO) you must still make preparations for your pet to be brought in due to inhospitable weather conditions. A Pet's Pal WILL NOT leave your baby outside in extreme temperatures or severe weather. What is inhospitable weather? Here are some guidelines on that. Temperatures below 40 degrees or above 80 degrees. Also you have to factor in wind chill in winter & humidity in summer. Any precipitation, rain, snow or ice are not considered acceptable conditions to be outside.

Returning Home, On Time, Late or Early:

IF I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM YOU WITHIN THREE HOURS OF YOUR SCHEDULED ARRIVAL TIME, AND I AM UNABLE TO REACH YOU, I WILL RETURN TO YOUR HOME TO CHECK ON THE BABIES. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR AN ADDITIONAL VISIT AT FULL PRICE, EVEN IF YOU ARE THERE WHEN I ARRIVE. It is in the best interest of the babies, that I adhere to this "follow-up policy".You never know what could happen, and it's important for YOU to know that if you DO get stuck somewhere and are unable to reach me, the babies will still be taken care of. It's important to ME to know that you have arrived home safely and I do not need to worry about either you or your babies. (AND I WILL WORRY ABOUT YOU!!!) No hour is too late or too early to call me in these circumstances. I prefer not to leave animals unattended for more than 12 hours for dogs or 24 hours for cats and exotics. The minimum number of visits per day for indoor dogs is twice. These visits take place at 12 hour intervals, to accommodate meals and meds. Three to four visits are available, by request, for pets with special needs. A mid-day visit is recommended for puppies, elderly dogs, and dogs with bladder and bowel issues. CONTACT ME AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO BE RETURNING HOME EARLY OR LATE.


  • The sitter is bonded and insured.
  • The sitter provides references.
  • The sitter has experience in caring for pets and is clearly mindful of their safety and well-being.
  • The sitter provides written literature describing services and stating fees.
  • The sitter visits the client's home before the first pet sitting assignment, to meet the pets and get detailed information about their care.
  • The sitter shows a positive attitude during the initial meeting and seems comfortable and competent dealing with animals.
  • The sitter wants to learn as much as possible about the animals in his or her care.
  • The sitter provides a service contract, which specifies services and fees.
  • The sitter is courteous, interested and well informed.
  • The sitter takes precautions to make sure the client's absence from home is not detected because of any careless actions or disclosures by the pet sitter.
  • The sitter conducts business with honesty and integrity and observes all federal, state and local laws pertaining to business operations and animal care.
  • The sitter has a veterinarian on call for emergency services.
  • The sitter has a contingency plan for pet care in case of inclement weather or personal illness.
  • The sitting service provides initial and ongoing training for it's sitters.
  • The sitting service screens applicants for employment carefully.
  • The sitter calls to confirm or has the client call to confirm the client has returned home as scheduled.
  • The sitter refrains from criticizing competitors.
  • The sitter provides a service rating form for clients.
  • The sitter exhibits courtesy and professionalism in all dealings with staff members, clients and industry colleagues so as to present the pet sitter and the pet sitting industry favorably and positively.
  • The sitter keeps regular office hours and answers clients inquiries and complaints promptly.

    7 Steps To A Happier Pet

    Make sure your pet wears an identification tag to enable him to be returned to you if lost.

    To prevent animal behavioral problems, make sure you enroll your new puppy or dog in behavioral training classes, and visit

    Animal behavioral problems can be health related. Make sure your pet has a complete medical exam by a veterinarian at least once a year.

    Prepare for disasters. Make sure you have a plan for your pet in the event of a hurricane, tornado, fire, or flood.

    Plan for your pet's future in case something happens to you and visit for more information.

    Learn how to avoid dog bites, and how to prevent your dog from biting, by going to

    Have a heart, be smart, and make sure you pet is spayed or neutered.

    Wish list for the Lexington Humane Society

    The Lexington Humane Society is currently in need of the following items. Items may be delivered to the shelter Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm in the administration building, or Monday-Friday 12:00-6:00pm or Saturday 11:00am-6:00pm in the shelter building. They appreciate your donations-Thank you!

    Financial Donations
    Your time as a volunteer
    Canned or dry dog, cat, puppy, and kitten food.
    (Iams, Eukanuba, Science Diet, Nutro or Purina please!)
    Cat litter (plain clay litter-not clumping/scoopable)
    Gently used or new computer equipment
    Paper shredder
    Polariod 600 film
    Postage stamps
    Copy paper
    Three-ring binders
    Stainless steel kennel cages
    Plastic dog houses for indigent community members
    12 ft. aluminum john boat for water fowl rescues
    Stackable food storage bins
    New dog collars
    Kitty condo's/scratching posts
    Pet carriers and wire crates
    Washable pet toys
    Rawhide chews
    Stainless steel bowls
    Towels of any size
    Rubbing alcohol
    Hydrogen Peroxide
    Veterinary supplies
    Distilled water
    Laundry detergent

    Lexington Humane Society
    1600 Old Frankfort Pike
    Lexington, Ky 40504